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Laptop Service in valasaravakkam, Chennai

Searching for the best laptop service centre in valasaravakkam? The large number of fresh laptop service centres springing all around Chennai, has made it difficult to find the best laptop service centre that provides excellent repairs at the lowest price in Valasaravakkam, Chennai. EDU infotech is one such reputed company that provides the best laptop service and repair at the lowest price. A unique selling point for EDU is that not only do we provide the best service but also provide free delivery and pick-up services along with providing at home diagnosis of your systems. We are the most trusted repair centre in valasaravakkam, and our team of professionals provide the best support to the customers and offer consultations on various tips and care instructions for your systems. They are also highly skilled at resolving all types of laptop and printer related issues.

Be it a faulty motherboard, system overheating, broken screen or slow performance, we provide the best service. Also we provide regular OS and security updates at the customer’s request and also enhance its performance and functionality. The spares we use to repair your system are all legit and genuine. We also provide original spares for customers at their requests and check for their quality and functionality before providing them. We offer authorized service for laptops of all brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Panasonic etc. Also we have many clients come to us for getting the top rated computer accessories like gamepads, joysticks, keyboards, monitors, UPS, laptop adaptor, microphone, MIDI, headphones, printer, memory chips, processor, and many more.


Every laptop/ desktop owner experiences some problem now and then. No matter how secure, new, and updated your computer is, it will eventually run into some trouble. While there can be hundreds of issues, below is a list of topics most computers are quite prone to and their solutions.

Computer Won't Turn On.

A computer not turning on is something that's beyond a computer owner's control. A laptop not turning on can be due to multiple reasons and requires troubleshooting to zero down the problem.
Most common reasons for computers can range from as simple as a loose cord or as severe as a faulty power supply. If you don't know how to troubleshoot problems, take the laptop Sales and near me in Chennai or the laptop Sales and shop near me in Chennai.
Another common issue with laptops/ desktops is that the device may power up but cannot boot or show a black screen. Probable reasons for a blank/ black screen include a dead hard drive, corrupted boot sector or simply unplugged monitor, or some display issue.

Computer Lockups and Freezes.

The 'Blue Screen of Death' is the most baffling and frustrating issues faced by computer owners. The screen comes to a complete halt displaying an error message that is entirely gibberish for most people.
Computer lockups are caused by number of issues such as buggy software, lack of system memory, etc. It could also be caused due to faulty RAM or a failed/ corrupt hard drive then its time to search for an EDU laptop Sales and in Chennai.

Laptop & Computer Gets Slow.

This usually happens when a large number of junk files get accumulated over time. Whenever any application is uninstalled or removed from the computer, its leftover files may continue to occupy some space in the hard drive.
Leftover files and data are useless and result in the hard drive's degradation, causing the computer to get slower over time. Other reasons for a laptop getting slow are low or insufficient memory and quiet hard drive space.

Computer and Laptop Overheating Issue.

Computers tend get slower over a while due to the gradual degradation of hard drive and various other parts, including the fan. The fan unit is responsible for keeping the device cool.
Overheating is linked with many computer problems such as mouse glitches, unexpected shutdowns, computer freezing, performance issues, etc.

Without a laptop warranty support center in valasaravakkam?

EDU infotech allows you to get the best professional support and service out of your computer – no matter how you use it.
  • EDU infotech Laptop service center helps you handle issues like
  • Laptop Broken LCD/ Display
  • Hanging/Freezing
  • Booting Problems
  • Track-Pad Not Working
  • Hard Disc Failure
  • Corrupted OS

    • We provide the best laptop pick-up and delivery service anywhere in valasaravakkam

      We offer a wide range of delivery and pick-up options that lets you choose the shipping method that best suits your needs.

      Get the best Spare parts in valasaravakkam

      If you're searching for original and authentic spare parts for your system in valasaravakkam, then look no further, for we have and help procure all spares needed by our customers.

      Best Laptop service for laptops of all companies in valasaravakkam

      We provide laptop service for all brands at an affordable price along with warranty options. Addition we offer pickup and delivery for your laptop anywhere in valasaravakkam 24x7.

      Best quality Laptop repair service provider In valasaravakkam

      We provide the best laptop service at the best price and our technicians are experts and can resolve any issues like laptop shutdown, overheating, Battery charging issues, issues with the LED and battery charge LED lighting, problems with the adaptor jack and many more.

      We fix all technical problems that your laptop faces

      We provide the most reliable, effective and quick service response to fix all technical issues of your laptop with relative ease.

      Authorized HP and Dell laptop dealers in valasaravakkam

      We have the best skilled technical professionals in valasaravakkam, who can fix all types of hardware and technical issues in addition to being the best authorized dealers of HP and DELL laptops.

      Looking to replace your battery?

      We provide expert consultations to help you learn all about battery replacement for all branded laptops such as Toshiba, HP, Apple, Lenovo, Dell and others.

      The best Laptop screen replacement service in valasaravakkam

      A broken screen can lead to lots of problems, which can be major or minor. We at EDU Infotech provide the best type of laptop screen replacement services.

      On time service of laptops

      We provide the best on time service of laptops that are highly functional with the proper, affordable budgeting.

      Get the best laptop service in valasaravakkam

      Get your laptop serviced by the best professionals by bringing them to our showroom. In addition to providing the best laptop service we also provide the replacements for battery, charger, keyboards, mouse and hardware and software accessories.

      Laptop service and repair for all brands in valasaravakkam

      We provide the best diagnosis for your laptop and can completely resolve all types of issues. Just give us a call and our technicians will give you the best service prerequisites, also we provide doorstep repair services across valasaravakkam.

      Hard drive repair and replacement services in valasaravakkam

      We have experts who can visit your home or office at your convenience and can provide repair and replacement services from motherboard to chip level services in addition to hard disk backup.

      Laptop repair service at home in valasaravakkam

      We provide the best laptop service and repair including reassembling, software updates, bug fixing, battery replacement and many more at your home or office. Just give us a call and we will be there.

      Laptop Doorstep service at your home in valasaravakkam

      We give the best service at your home for your systems and laptops. Most of our clients lean toward doorstep services and we give them the best service and support for problems like booting issues, boot disc failures, OS repair, Spare parts replacement, motherboard issues, etc.

      Best service center in valasaravakkam for all laptop related problems

      We service laptops of all models and brands like Asus, Acer, Dell, HP, Toshiba, Sony, IBM, Lenovo and other brands. Just visit our store or give us a call to learn more about our laptop service in valasaravakkam.

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