The current style of online classes has made it a must for teachers and students to have a computer at home. Kids do not have easy access to systems at home because the parents also need access to computers when working from home. There has been an increase in the demand for computers at recent time, which has in turn led to their increased cost. But with EDU infotech getting a highly functional low cost computer has never been this easy. Our low cost computers are regarded as the best in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, for its excellent functionality and unsurpassed performance. Our top low cost computers also include refurbished, used and second hand systems. Many customers prefer our best quality refurbished computers because of their low cost and exceptional maintenance. While servicing or refurbishing a system we make use of only those spare parts that are legit and licensed, also our technicians are highly skilled and carry out numerous quality tests on a computer to check for their efficiency before putting them up for sale.

Moreover, EDU infotech is also distinguished for its best second hand and used computer sales in Chennai. The reason why our second hand used computers are most popular is because the computers we provide as second hands are those which have been left unused in the storage or those that have had their seals removed for demo purposes. What’s more we provide the warranty with all our systems and services.