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When looking for the perfect place to service our desktops or laptops, the most important point to consider is whether they use quality spares while repairing our laptops. We can never be sure of the type of spares the service centres use and can only expect that they use the best. Finding the best service centre that uses the best quality laptop spares in Chennai was a big hassle for me. Nevertheless, I did a thorough research by visiting all the websites, going through googles listing and finally narrowed it to the best trustworthy laptop and desktop service centre which was EDU infotech.

Ever since my first disappointed laptop service where I ended up with a poor functioning laptop which was literally missing few screws, I have been thorough in my search for the best laptop service centre and have visited numerous stores and I found EDU infotech. On speaking with the technicians and staffs who assured me of their quality service and also seeing the numerous satisfied customer who left the shop in contentment I decided that it was indeed the best laptop servicing centre in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. They used only the best laptop spares that were genuine and licensed, additionally their charge was low when compared to other shops.

Additionally I found out that they provide the best custom made laptops and desktops at the customer’s request and was further elated to find that they sold all types of top computer accessories ranging from gamepad, headphones, joysticks, microphone, MIDI, motherboards, processors, memory chips, printers and monitors. They had stocked up on the latest gaming gadgets and accessories, what’s more their refurbished, second hand and used laptops were very much favoured by students and office workers for their high functionality and low cost.

So if you’re looking go get the best laptop service centre that makes use of the best quality genuine laptop spares then EDU infotech is the no.1 choice.

EDU infotech is a well renowned laptop service centre based in Chennai with an extremely service oriented aim that is entirely customer centred.

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