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When asked how to best spend the weekends or a holiday, a larger part of the people will replay an activity which involves them spending time in front of their laptop or desktop. With the fast-paced stressful lifestyle many find themselves in, it has become a norm for most to unwind and relax on their day off either by watching a movie or by playing games. We at EDU infotech help you get the best movie or gaming experience by providing the best computer accessories at low price. Our Computers are purely genuine and licensed, customers value our computer accessories for their high functionality and authenticity. We provide manufacturer’s warranty with every desktop/computer accessories. Our computer accessories are the best in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and are available in pristine conditions. We provide the best quality computer accessories which includes gamepad, headphones, joysticks, microphones, mouse, MIDI, keyboard, printers, memory chips, motherboards, processors, monitors, and many more.

We specialize at providing custom made computer accessories at the request of the customers. Before setting up our accessories for sale we conduct a thorough inspection to check for its quality and functionality qualifying which it is put up for sale. Apart from selling the best computer accessories, we are also known for providing the top rated sales and services of laptops, printers and CCTV cameras.

We provide the best custom made laptops and desktops as per the requirements of the clients in addition to providing the best functional refurbished, used and second hand laptops and desktops. Our refurbished laptops are quiet popular with students for its low cost and seamless performance. Our technicians provide excellent service and support and are well renowned for being able to resolve just about any issues that occur in the laptop and desktops. We at EDU are rated as the best providers of laptops and desktops of all prominent brands like Dell, HP, Asus, Acer, Toshiba, Lenovo, Sony and many more.

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